Time and Attendance

How does Time and Attendance Work?

The traditional clock and card system which historically has been inaccurate, abused, and time consuming, is now superseded by systems that use forms of identification specific to the user, such as fingerprint, hand recognition, or other forms of personal features.

Terminals are used at required points of access for users to record attendance, which is managed by computer software installed within the control of the organisation.

If a company has multiple sites these can be linked via the Internet and all data stored within one central database. Data management functions for each site can be allocated as necessary.

Time and Attendance System Benefits!

Our Time and Attendance system brings many benefits to your business including eliminating manual transcription errors, as well as the need to produce written and time consuming time sheets.

  • Accurate ‘to a minute’ times when an employee arrived and left on any day.
  • Caters for 24/7 working.
  • Allowed breaks can be subtracted either by clocking at the terminal, removed automatically, or no action taken.
  • An almost unlimited number of scheduled work patterns.
  • Manages Flexitime where an employee works surplus time which can be used later.
  • Supports Rostering which allows employees to be allocated to work plans weeks in advance.
  • All types of daily or period work plans.
  • Produces many reports including employee attendance, time keeping, and holidays.
  • Can link to your Fire Alarm system, from local, or remote sites.
  • Prevents over payment.
  • Simple and effective management of obligations to the European Working Time Directive.
  • Keeps a history of employee attendance and time-keeping.