Job Costing

It is essential for a business to know how much each job, service or product it provides is going to cost them. Job Costing is a computerised way of quickly and easily finding out what costs are involved to complete a quote. Such costs could include labour, materials and a myriad of miscellaneous additions.

You are in the business of making money so Job Costing is extremely important as it ensures that all of your business data is available at a touch of a button. This means you can make sure that your product pricing will cover all of your actual costs as well as ensuring yourself a profit.
Job Costing in short enables you to

  •     Determine the customers requirements
  •     Track the time needed to complete the job
  •     Track material costs
  •     Track labour costs

Job Costing & Data Capture Solutions – More Than Just Time & Attendance
Eurotime Systems recommends CaptureIT as an ideal solution for simple and complex time and attendance requirements. It also provides features for Job Costing, Activity Monitoring and Manufacturing Control & SFDC. Whatever your requirements, from simple Activity Monitoring to full Manufacturing Control, CaptureIT has the answer.

Activity Monitoring
All versions of CaptureIT provide features to record employee activity. This is done via ‘Pay Categories’. Employees can change their Pay Category any number of times during the
day. Pay Categories can be used for many purposes, such as different customers, sites, job types, locations etc.

Using the CaptureIT Administrator you can see at a glance who is on each pay category. You can set a pay category to be ‘off-site’ allowing easy monitoring of on and off-site
employees. You can set up your data capture terminals to ‘default’ to a Pay Category. When an employee swipes their card through the terminal, their current Pay Category is
changed automatically. This allows you to easily monitor the current location of employees. CaptureIT automatically maintains a cost database of time and pay per Pay Category. This can be reported on by employee, cost centre & pay category for any period.
Activity Monitoring works in conjunction with the Job Costing features. I.e.: An employee can change their Pay Category whilst working on a Job. You can then obtain costs for activities ‘within’ jobs and operations. Some Time & Attendance systems say they support Job Costing, when in fact they only provide Activity Monitoring. CaptureIT does both!

CaptureIT & Job Costing
The CaptureIT Job Costing module provides facilities for recording the time employees spend on any number of jobs (and up to 999 operations within the job). CaptureIT was
developed from day one to be capable of handing true job costing.

Feature List

  •     The ability to validate employee terminal entries in real-time.
  •     The ability to handle an unlimited number of job/sequence changes per employee, per day.
  •     To-the-second accuracy of all transactions.
  •     The ability to record breaks and pay category changes whilst working on jobs with the correct costs being applied.
  •     Support for ‘quantity claiming’ at the terminal with piecework payments.
  •     The ability to handle large numbers of data collection terminals (up to 3000!) enabling each employee to have their own terminal if required.

Manufacturing Control & Shop Floor Data Capture
CaptureIT allows you to take the standard job costing a stage further to by allowing employees to use the shop floor terminals to claim ‘batches’ of production against a job. The CaptureIT Manufacturer Edition expands CaptureIT to a real-time production control system, whilst still retaining all of the time and attendance functionality.